You have most likely seen a TV commercial for the Wounded Warriors Project many times before. While some might begin to glaze over just how important this organization is to so many veterans, we here at AYoung Insurance have never forgotten.

For those who don’t know, the Wounded Warrior Project serves active service members and veterans who have served in the U.S military on or after September 11th, 2001. These brave men and women often return home from their service with both physical and invisible wounds. Conditions like depression, PTSD, and brain trauma are all too common among veterans, and existing medical infrastructure for our troops frequently overlooks these debilitating conditions. Even when injuries are physical, yes- advancements in technology and medicine may save these men’s and women’s lives and accommodate their needs. Still, the quality of their lives is often permanently altered.

The Wounded Warrior Project helps these soldiers and veterans connect in support groups, helps with various mental and physical wellness programs, provides career and VA benefits counseling, and ultimately works to get our fine veterans up and independent on their own two feet.

We want your help in supporting the WWP. We will donate $10 to this life-saving organization in your name for every person you recommend to us for a no-obligation quote. Together, we can make a difference that matters.


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