John Young

I grew up in Redford, Michigan, and went to Redford Union High School. I’ve been in the insurance business for ten years. In the beginning, I worked for another agent for a short time, then I decided to open my own independent agency and partnered up with my sister, Christine, and later my old friend, Joe. I really like it when customers can tell that I really do care and that’s when the relationship transforms from client/agent to a partnership in building the right coverage for the client. That to me is gratifying!

I love doing anything outside in the summer, especially on the water! I used to travel a lot and loved it. My goal is to start taking adventure vacations with my wife. In my free time, when I’m not working, I love doing anything with family!

I’m very passionate about the Alzheimer’s Association because we’ve all lost someone we loved to this dreadful disease.