Wolverine Mutual Insurance

April 15, 2020


Re:      Policyholder Assistance, Refunds, etc.


We have all been swamped with questions from our mutual clients about the various refund programs being advertised by many of the national auto insurance carriers during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. These carriers, who spend millions of dollars annually on television ads designed to make you laugh, have almost unlimited financial resources at their disposal. More recently, many super-regional carriers have indicated they plan to follow suit in some way or another. While the total dollars seem impressive and make for good marketing headlines, the reality is that the amount any individual policyholder will receive is very small.


Wolverine is also helping our policyholders through this difficult time. We are deferring payments and waiving fees upon request. We are extending a Grace Period on payments whenever requested. We want to do whatever we can do, if our systems allow us to.


As a regional mutual insurance company, Wolverine Mutual’s premium pricing philosophy is predicated on producing modest growth and modest profit, while, most importantly, maintaining and increasing our policyholder’s surplus account. Our primary goal is to provide the best service we can to our policyholders and independent agency partners. That mindset has allowed us to service Michigan and Indiana policyholders for 103 years and counting.


While we are studying the idea of credits or cash back, these options remain subject to regulatory approval for all carriers. The vast majority of our auto policyholders already receive our “lowest mileage” rate (less than 10 miles one way to work). We also anticipate a huge jump in driving activity once the travel restrictions are lifted, which will likely lead to a significant increase in loss activity in the coming months. With that said, common sense suggests the reduced driving by our policyholders that we are seeing today will lead to less losses in the near term, which we’ll have to factor into our pricing in the future. We think that’s a better approach than issuing some arbitrary short-term refund.


We will continue to monitor this situation. We sincerely appreciate the incredible effort our agency partners are expending during this crisis to take care of their valuable clients, including Wolverine Mutual.


Thank you.


April 2, 2020

From:  Dave Peterson, Vice President – Claims

Re:      Food Delivery/Transport Exclusion Suspended During COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Wolverine Mutual will suspend the liability exclusion A.2. under the Michigan auto policy for “any ‘insured’…[f]or ’property damage’ to property owned or being transported by that ‘insured’.  We will also suspend the exclusion in the Indiana auto policy under all coverages “arising out of the ownership or operation of a vehicle while it is being used to carry persons or property for a fee.” 

This suspension is effective from the effective date of the Michigan and Indiana gubernatorial Stay at Home Orders and applies only to otherwise eligible insureds who entered the delivery business as a result of these Stay at Home Orders.  It does not apply to individuals who were engaged in deliveries prior to the imposition of the Orders.  The Wolverine Claims Department will review claims on a case by case basis for eligibility for the suspension.  This will be in effect through June 1, 2020, at which time we will reassess the situation to determine if an extension is warranted.

We are mindful of the toll the COVID-19 virus experience is taking on our policyholders, employees and agency partners. We are taking appropriate steps to slow the spread of COVID-19, while remaining fully operational and ready to meet your insurance needs.

If you have to file a claim, pay your bill or ask questions, we are here for you. You may call us at (800) 733-3320 or you can make a premium payment and file a claim online at www.wolverinemutual.com.

You can be assured that in these challenging times, we are committed to providing you with the outstanding policyholder service you deserve.