Commit to Creating Memories!

What’s your fondest memory? You probably have plenty to choose from. As people, our memories remind us of who we are, allow us to make informed decisions, and keep us grounded in life. Now, imagine if those memories suddenly vanished, without warning. Imagine growing old and being unable to call upon these fond memories or even feeling like your lifelong friends and family members were suddenly strangers.

This is the devastating reality that around 50 million people in the world are living with. Now, one’s memory often changes as they get older in age but forgetfulness that derails your daily life is not natural – behavior or symptoms like this are often a sign of Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Association was created to lead the way in ending Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their organization is committed to funding research, spreading awareness, and providing support and resources to those suffering from this incredibly frustrating disease.

At A. Young Insurance, we are touched by the efforts being made by the Alzheimer’s Association and we want to play our part in making a difference – and we want you to join us! Our agency has committed to donating $10 on your behalf to this meaningful organization for every referral you make. Yes, $10 for *every* referral you give us! Let’s get started with helping people continue to create memories!

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